Principal of Junglee Rummy School

Meet the Principals of Rummy School: Annu Kapoor and Amit Kapoor


Time and again, Junglee Rummy has been proving its mettle in the online rummy industry. Right from the start of our journey a decade ago, we have accomplished many groundbreaking milestones. Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication, we now stand tall with over 40 million registered users from across the country. Our app on the Play Store as well as the App Store has over 20 million downloads. Now that’s something really big!

Junglee Rummy is not only loved by the common people but celebrities too! Annu Kapoor, a veteran Bollywood actor, has been a staunch supporter of Junglee Rummy. He is an accomplished actor with many super-hit movies to his name such as Vicky Donor and Jolly LLB 2. He loves to play rummy during his free time and has won many tournaments in the past few years.

To share his knowledge of rummy, he is back at Junglee Rummy as the principal of Rummy School. He will be accompanied by Amit Kapoor, a veteran rummy player and expert. In Rummy School, you will get to learn rummy through a series of informative videos and tutorials. Our principals will go into detail on how to play rummy, its rules, important terminologies, strategies, tips and tricks, and much more!

You can watch a few episodes of Rummy School below:

  1. How to Play Rummy
  1. Sequence and Sets in Rummy
  1. Common Terms Used in Rummy
  1. Different Types of Rummy Games

Annu Kapoor and Amit Kapoor will be educating you on how to play and excel in rummy games through our Rummy School series. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more such videos.

Don’t forget to download rummy app and get started with your rummy journey on the Junglee Rummy platform. Participate in our ongoing tournaments and win from crores of rupees! Download now to get a welcome bonus worth ₹8850 on making your first deposit. Happy gaming!

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