Myths and Facts of Online Rummy!

As with every popular thing in the world, there are so many myths and facts surrounding both offline and online rummy. Some of the myths become so popular that they are believed to be real.

In this article, we are throwing light to some of the myths that a few mistakenly believe to be true about online rummy games.

the legality of Rummy: many still believe that both offline and online rummy isn’t legal. However,  Rummy is a game of skill and therefore the game is legal to play in most countries including India. Even playing with real cash is legal and Junglee Rummy is a vocal supporter of responsible gaming.

Rum and Rummy: It is said that rummy should be played with an alcoholic beverage like rum. Well, this is a myth as most of the professional players don’t mix drinking and gaming. This myth originated due to the similarities between rum and rummy.

Rookie Never Wins: This is the worst myth surrounding the game of online rummy. Rummy is a game of skill, and if you have got skills, even being an amateur player, you will win. Moreover, if you are a new player, you can always take advantage of online tutorials to develop strategies that will help you play and win rummy for cash. So, this myth is also busted!

A New Game called Rummy: No, rummy is not a new game. The game originated in the early 19th century. Some say the game originated from Conquian, a Spanish card game, whereas some say it originated from Mahjong, a Chinese game played with tiles instead of cards.

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