Becoming a Rummy Champion

Be the Next Rummy Champion: Tips to Master the Game!


Rummy is a game of skill, and it requires experience more than practice. Which means, that players who have been playing the game longer than you have a higher chance of winning because they have already spent a significant amount of time learning the secrets of the game and mastering it.

However, there is one more thing that’s even more important than experience, and it’s called perseverance.

Someone who is persistent in his/her approach and wants to achieve something eventually goes on to reach that goal no matter what the difficulties might be. It’s nothing but sheer will on their part.

So, if you are persistent in your approach, you are already halfway there. Below we discuss a few things that can help you master the game and eventually become the ultimate Rummy champion.

The Master’s Secret Code

Rummy Secrets

It’s mainly what we call a fancy term for moves that only the most skilled of players have. It might not be easy to convince someone to spill out their approach towards the game; however, if you have a friend, whom you think knows his way around, it’s best to sit down and learn from him.

There are so many guides available online including our own how to play rummy tutorials that you won’t ever find a shortage of resources even on Junglee Rummy itself.

However, different players have a different approach towards the game, and it’s best to develop your secret master code that’s unique and pushes the boundaries of the game.

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Observe and Execute

Rummy Skills

The Observe and execute strategy can also be referred to as observing your opponent, analyzing his/her moves and then implementing moves for your benefit.

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For example, when two people play chess, the one who understands his opponents mind as much as his/her own, often wins the game.

It’s because when you know your opponents approach towards the game, you can outwit him/her even if you have a lousy hand.

Set Your Priorities

Playing Rummy online

When you are playing a game of rummy, it’s vital that you meld a pure run first and then set your eyes on other things.

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Also, you need to be alert, and you need to observe what the rest of your opponents are doing. Keeping a close eye on what your opponents are picking and discarding will give you an excellent idea on what’s going on and will help you decide which cards to keep and which ones to drop.

The most important advice, however, is to continue playing the game to master it. Moreover, it’s only possible if you are consistent in your approach.

Do you remember the word ‘Perseverance’ we talked about towards the beginning of the article? That’s the key to success.

No matter what you do in life, whether it’s playing rummy online or playing your favorite piece of music, do it with passion and a day will come, when you become unstoppable.

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