Nostalgic Childhood Games

5 Nostalgic Childhood Games That You Can Play Online


If you are a gaming enthusiast, you may have numerous games installed on your computer or smartphone. From battle royal to action-adventure, most of our screen time is consumed by the games we play. But do you ever think about the good ol’ days when we played games in real life? Nothing can ever match the thrill of declaring cards in a game of Indian rummy or yelling “checkmate” in an intense chess match. Remember trying to find a tough hiding spot for a hide and seek game or playing kanchas with your friends?

If you are feeling nostalgic, how about you dial-up your chaddi-buddies and relive those childhood memories? Or how about you play these games with them online? We have listed 5 classic games that you can play even today! Read on to learn more.

  1. Ludo

If you are a 90s kid, you may have sweet memories of playing ludo with your family and friends. One of the most popular strategy board games in India, it can now be played both online and offline. This game is played by two to four players, having 4 tokens or pieces. The objective of this game is to move the tokens toward the finish line. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s more to it!

The players can start moving their tokens only after they roll a six first. While playing the game, players can land on your token and send it back home. This makes it more difficult to reach the finish line. So it is important to move strategically and protect your pieces from your opponents. There are a variety of ludo game apps available on both the Play Store as well as the App Store.

  1. Indian rummy

Also known as paplu, Indian rummy is one of the most popular classic card games of all time. It is a variation of the original rummy game that is played using 13 cards. The game is played by two to six players using one or two card decks, which depends on the number of players playing. 

The objective of this game is to arrange all 13 cards into required combinations of sequences or sequences and sets to make a valid declaration. The game begins with the first player drawing a card from the closed pile and discarding an unwanted card to the open pile. This process continues until a player declares his/her cards. If the declaration is valid, he/she wins the game and gets zero points. If the declaration is invalid, the player incurs a penalty of 80 points. 

Indian rummy is highly entertaining and brings an adrenaline rush in the minds of all those playing. You can now play this classic game online for real money too! All you have to do is go for a rummy game download and register on a trusted rummy site such as Junglee Rummy to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience on your smartphone.

  1. Monopoly

For many of us, monopoly was the highlight of our childhood. Surely you may have memories of playing several rounds of this game while spending time with your friends or indulging in gaming nights with your family. 

Monopoly is played by two to four players using a game board, two dice, and tokens. Players have to move around the board, buy and trade properties and develop them into buildings and hotels. The objective of this game is to drive your opponents to bankruptcy by collecting rent. 

Monopoly has several house rules where players can gain or lose money through chance, community chest cards, or tax squares. You can play the online version of this game on your smartphone too.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles is an evergreen game. Be it a toddler or a grown-up, this game is for everybody. All you need is a set of puzzle pieces and it will keep you busy for at least a couple of hours, depending on your expertise. This game tests your concentration power, memory, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Back in the day, there were many game manufacturers who developed puzzles of different shapes and images. Today you can play this game online on your computer as well as your smartphone.

  1. Snakes and ladders

Another popular board game on the list is snakes and ladders. This is by far the most popular game played by children and adults alike. First played in India, this classic game is played by two or more players on a game board with a certain number of ladders and snakes spread across gridded squares. The objective of this game is to move your game piece to the finish line. When the die is rolled, players can move their token and move across the grids by climbing the ladders and avoiding the snakes.

Snakes and ladders bring back the real nostalgia of our childhood. This game can now be played both online and offline.

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