Not Excelling at Online Rummy? Here’s Why!

Not Excelling at Online Rummy? Here’s Why!


Online rummy is a game of skill that cannot be compared to the card games in which the outcome depends on sheer luck.

In order to excel at rummy, you need to concentrate on your hand as well as on your opponents’ game plan. The more you practice, the better you will become at this game of skill.

In India, the rummy game is played widely at family get-togethers and cultural festivals. As a result, people who have been playing the game since an early age find it very easy to comprehend the game strategies, which includes throwing baits to opponents to trick them.

Ever since the game evolved into its online version, more and more people have been playing this card game resulting in tougher competition, including a harder challenge from skilled pro players.

Online rummy is much easier to play and master once you get used to the platform you are playing on. In online cash rummy, you don’t face the hassles of traditional rummy like dealing cards, and sorting and holding your 13 cards together without your opponent seeing them.

The online rummy version also allows you to enter big cash tournaments and freerolls where you can compete with skilled players and win real cash.

Redefine Your Online Rummy Strategies

If you are not excelling at this game of skill, you might need to modify or change your rummy strategy. The pointers below will help you polish your game before joining the next table or tournament.

  1. Playing with High Cards: High cards or face cards, that is, Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks, are worth high points, and holding them until the end of the game can be risky. Discard them as soon as possible if you are not confident of making a sequence or set using them. This way, even if you lose, the margin of loss will be smaller.
  2. Keep Regrouping Cards in Online Rummy: Regrouping or re-sorting your cards can help you form some melds you might have missed to notice. So do it sometimes in the middle of a game to create better sets or sequences that will help you finish the game faster.
  3. Utilize Jokers: Jokers are very handy if you do not get a good hand at the start of a game. If you have a good hand at the start of a game, form a pure sequence first and use the Jokers where you find it hard to make a meld.
  4. Bluffing in Online Rummy: Bluffing in online rummy is done to trick your opponent into thinking that you don’t want the cards he is discarding. You can start bluffing by discarding a card that is of low value. This will give them the impression that your hand is almost arranged and you need just a few more cards to win the game. Discarding Jokers also works the same way.

Apply these online rummy tactics to your next games on Junglee Rummy, one of the best online rummy sites in India, and let us know about your experience in the comment section below. If you have any more queries or want to learn more about Indian Rummy, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]

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