Offline Rummy versus Online Rummy


The debate of online rummy versus offline rummy is still on and most of us are still unsure of which one is the best. While offline rummy is the cause for the basics of the game as well as with the evolution on game rules and game play, its online counterpart is more successful in making the card game more global. Now more than a million people love to play this game for cash not to mention the billions of people who love to play for entertainment and fun. While most of the online rummy platforms reward its players with free cash and other bonus offers while they sign up, the offline rummy is famous only because of the traditional approach of game play, which is, playing with family and friends during some special festivals and get-togethers.

offline rummy vs online rummy

Both offline and online rummy have its own pros and cons. To understand these pros and cons, you got to really get to the tables and play the game both online and offline. Some of the pros and cons while playing these formats of the game are as mentioned below. Go through them and let us know whether we missed any in the comment section below.

Pros and Cons of Offline Rummy

Offline rummy or as we call it traditional rummy was derived from games like Canasta, Mahjong and Gin Rummy. The game is believed to have played in early 19th century on the occasion of festivals and get-togethers. The game quickly grabbed attention especially in the southern parts of India and later derived a name Indian Rummy or 13 cards rummy.

The game is usually played with two packs of standard 52 cards deck including the 2 printed joker cards. The game begins only when the 13 cards are dealt to each player participating in the game and a wildcard is chosen as a joker card. One of the cons of playing traditional offline rummy is that, there are usual arguments on the way the cards are shuffled and dealt to the players. Also, it can be a painful experience for your hand when you hold all the 13 cards on your hand and have to arrange and re-arrange them occasionally.

The game still have pros like, you can play with players who you relate most to, like your friends and family members. So, the game is more relaxing and fun to play with chit-chats than its online counterpart. Playing traditional rummy is one of the best ways to improve your skills and it has even proven that the game can improve concentration and mathematical skills to children in the most fun way possible. One of the most discussed cons for traditional rummy is the amount of cash prize you can win from a game. Compared to online rummy, offline rummy lacks rewards like bonuses, cashback offers and extra cash on making deposits. Some other cons of playing offline rummy include, lack of rummy tournaments, no proper clubs or space to enjoy the game as well as low prize money as winnings.

Pros and Cons of Online Rummy

If you are already playing in any of the online rummy websites, you might know the best thing about these online platforms already. While some online players join the rummy website only for the fun factor, there are some players who take the game seriously and make a living out of it. Most online rummy platforms are popular due to the rewards program. Many rummy websites offer players with free instant cash on their registration and extra cash rewards on successful first deposits which may go up to 100% bonus.

Some other pros player can take advantage of playing on online rummy platforms is cashback on lost games, a big prize pool on cash rummy tournaments. Online rummy platforms even offer special privileges for new players with practice tables and freeroll tables. From the time the players start playing and winning games, they can upgrade their account with loyalty points which will reward them with more cash and rewards. Also, the online platform eliminates the hassles of shuffling, dealing and sorting of cards as everything can be semi-automated with an easy click/tab depending on the platform you are playing.

As most online platforms have added social platforms in their website, you can even brag about your wins to your friends via popular social media networks with an image of your perfect hand. Also, get to know famous and professional players by using the chat feature in online rummy websites.

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