Online Rummy Vs Offline Rummy – What’s Better?


Internet related products and services are gaining high popularity in our daily life. There has been a substantial shift of the traditional services to the digital space. People can now perform their everyday job much easier with the click of a button. The same shift is taking place in case of gaming as well. The traditional games in India like rummy and teen patti are now the part of the ever evolving digital world.

online rummy

People can now seamlessly enjoy playing rummy in the comfort of their bed or couch at anytime of the day.  In this article we will be discussing some of the basic aspects of playing rummy and how to choose from online rummy and offline rummy.

Gaming Comfort and Availability

The main element which makes a game interesting and comfortable is how accessible it is. If you cannot access the game when you are in the mood of playing, the fun factor ends. When it comes to offline rummy or traditional rummy, you need a combination of necessary items to play the game. This includes finding friends at the same time and location to play rummy and a flat surface. On the contrary, you can play rummy anytime you like with thousands of players online. All you need is a smooth internet connection where you can easily play rummy online.

Fair Game play in Offline Vs. Online Rummy

While playing offline rummy with your friends, many of the time you will have differences in terms of rules and point calculations. With online rummy, all you have to do is to play fairly. Junglee Rummy has a world class anti-fraud algorithm which will help you to experience a fair game play.

Cash Games

With online rummy, you can play cash rummy games with ease. At Junglee Rummy, we have a vast range of low limit tables to high roller tables. The pre-defined rules and fair play gaming policies makes online rummy a very safe medium to play cash rummy. On the contrary, it can be really difficult to find legitimate offline cash rummy games. Even though there are many offline rummy tournaments, it is not accessible to everyone as the prize pool is really high compared to online rummy.

Time Management

You true time management skills can be utilized while playing online. In online rummy, you have a time limit to make your move. You will lose your chance to play that hand if you fail to make a move in the time frame. While in offline rummy, you will be playing with your friends and family and you can use all the time you want. Playing online will increase your time management skills and you can make quick decision in the future.

The advent of online rummy has made the game more popular and the popularity of Indian rummy is crossing boundaries. You can play online rummy without any hassle. Register and Junglee Rummy and experience world class gaming!

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