Online Rummy Best Practices – Image Series


Our social team has been creating tons of Image series lately related to gaming. All of the image series got good reception from our social media followers. This time we have decided to come up with the best practices to play rummy in an image series. Pretty basic stuff 🙂 If you are already playing rummy, you might know most of them. But hey, It is always good to refresh your memory.

Online Rummy Best Practices

As you know rummy is all about implementing strategies, if you are able to successfully implement a rummy strategy, you can easily overpower your opponents. In this image series, we have included all the best practices while playing rummy.  We have made the image series interesting by including multiple characters playing rummy in the epic Junglee Rummy table. Take a peek at our image series below:

#1 Make Pure Sequences

Online Rummy Best Practices

While playing rummy, your first priority should be to make a pure sequence.

#2 Observe Your Opponents

Online Rummy Best Practices

Observe your opponents closely and track the cards that they pick and discard.

#3 Use The Discards Section

Online Rummy Best Practices

Online rummy allows you to refer the discards section. You can read the tactics of your opponent’s here.

#4 Discard Your High Cards

Online Rummy Best Practices

Reduce your points by discarding the high point cards like King, Queen, Jack or Ace first.

#5 Constantly Re-arrange Your Cards

Online Rummy Best Practices

Rearrange your cards constantly so that you can have a clear view on the cards you hold.

#6 Value Your Jokers

Online Rummy Best Practices

Take note of the wild card Joker and you can use the Jokers to substitute the missing cards.

#7 Dropping is Not Always Bad

Online Rummy Best Practices

If you think that you don’t have a good hand it is always good to drop the game.

These are the best practices while playing rummy online. If you get your basics right, you can easily work your way up and implement advanced rummy strategies. Indian rummy game free download is now available in Junglee Rummy. Please do let us know what you would like to see next on Junglee Rummy.

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