Rummy popular in maharashtra

Why Online Rummy Games Are So Popular in Maharashtra


Online rummy is a hot-favorite among online gamers and we have several reasons to prove this claim. To begin with, the classic rummy game was already popular among Indians. It is an integral part of our culture and social settings, finding its presence in every occasion. 

However, when digitization came along, this game was losing its popularity over other online card games. Owing to its already popular status, some gaming companies realized the potential of rummy games and released their own online version of the game. It goes by the name of online rummy, which is even more fun, exciting and entertaining than its traditional counterpart.

What makes it more exciting is the incredible scope it provides for players to win real money in prizes. This attracted a massive number of online gamers who tried their hand at cash rummy games to win cash prizes and other exciting rewards such as cars, motorbikes, laptops and smartphones. Slowly, it reached every nook and corner of the country, with Maharashtra being at the forefront.

Maharashtra is the third-largest state in India with a population of more than 124.7 million. Out of these, there are many many people, including Bollywood celebrities, who engage in online rummy games. Keep reading as we explore the sprawling state of Maharashtra and understand the reason behind the popularity of rummy here.

Maharashtra The Maha Indian State

The state of Maharashtra is known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. It is the most industrialized state in the country, being home to prime cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. From ancient forts to pristine beaches, the tourism in this state has many surprising things to offer. Some major tourist attractions here are the Ajanta-Ellora caves, Bibi ka Makbara, Sinhagad fort and Lonar lake. It is also famous for the Bollywood film industry, which is one of the highest grossing entertainment industries in the world. 

Along with that, its exquisite cuisine, educational opportunities, transportation facilities and diverse languages make it a unique state in the Indian subcontinent. These factors certainly contribute toward the rising potential of rummy games in Maharashtra.

Why is online rummy a top choice among card game lovers in Maharashtra?

Online rummy is a card game usually played by two to six players at a time. The objective of this game is to arrange all the cards in hand into different required combinations such as sequences or sequences and sets to make a valid declaration. The player who makes a valid declaration first wins the game and gets zero penalty points. 

While the gameplay and rules of rummy seem quite simple, the game requires sufficient practice, expertise and skills to win. Many skills such as logical reasoning, analytical thinking and decision making play a major role in the success of a player in a game of rummy. Along with this, players also require a good understanding of the game basics and lots of practice to win. 

Despite being a skill game, rummy offers unlimited fun and entertainment. Popular platforms such as Junglee Rummy host numerous tournaments and cash games where the prize pool is worth crores of rupees. These factors contribute to the popularity of rummy in the state of Maharashtra.

There are many players from Maharashtra who enjoy playing rummy games on our platform on a daily basis. We have collated a few reviews from top players. Find out what they have to say about rummy and the Junglee Rummy platform:

  1. Rakesh
  1. Shardul Bapat
  1. Shonak
  1. Saurabh
  1. Omkar

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