Online Rummy Safe and Fair to Play

Is Online Rummy Safe and Fair to Play?


Online rummy is one of the most sought-after card games played across India. It is a skill game that requires you to create various combinations and make a valid declaration before anyone else at the table. What makes Indian rummy more exciting than its counterparts is that it presents you with an excellent opportunity to win cash and other incredible prizes. Players can try their hand at cash rummy games and tournaments and walk away with cash rewards worth lakhs or even crores of rupees! 

Despite the game being so popular, some card lovers are still hesitant to play rummy online. There are several rumors floating around on the internet about players losing their hard-earned money to a fraudulent rummy platform. Some players have complained about losing the game despite having good cards in their hands. Such claims demotivate players from giving the game a try. However, online rummy is completely safe and fair when you register to play on a credible platform.

Read on to learn how to identify an authentic online rummy platform for a safe and fair gaming experience.

  • RNG certification

Online rummy platforms that incorporate an RNG software ensure 100% safe and fair gaming experience to all their users. RNG or random number generator is a specialized software with a complex algorithm that helps with random dealing and shuffling of cards and random seating arrangement for players. So the cards dealt to each player are totally random and do not get repeated in subsequent games. 

A platform having an RNG certification ensures that there is no manipulation of any sort and each player gets a fair chance of winning the game. iTech Labs is a leading testing laboratory for RNG certifications worldwide. Check for iTech Labs RNG certification before you play rummy online on any platform.

  • Secure transactions

This is by far the most important aspect for safety and security in online rummy games. Players are reluctant to play any game online when real money comes into the picture. If you are one of them, you must check for the payment options offered by the rummy providers. Nowadays, trusted rummy platforms provide players with multiple safe payment gateways such as credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and mobile wallets for a secure online transaction. They are risk-free and provide super-fast service to everyone. Similarly, if you win a cash game or tournament, you can place a withdrawal request and get your winnings transferred to your bank account within minutes. 

  • Fair play policy

Some players have refrained from playing rummy online after losing a game with good cards, claiming it to be unfair. However, online rummy is absolutely fair and unbiased when played on a platform that has employed a fair play policy. This policy ensures that every player gets a fair opportunity at winning games and tournaments. This is possible due to a unique algorithm that monitors every table for any fraudulent activity or collusion.

  • Responsible gaming

A credible online rummy platform strives hard to provide a responsible gaming environment to all its players. Such a platform ensures that all necessary steps are taken to prevent players from developing any form of compulsive behavior toward the game. If a player starts spending too much time and money on the platform, it closely monitors their activity and alerts them. 

Popular platforms such as Junglee Rummy encourage responsible gaming. We provide players with an option to set daily and monthly deposit limits so that they do not spend beyond their capacity. Moreover, we also provide a “self-exclusion” feature that allows players to take a break from online rummy games for a specific period of time. 

To sum it all up, online rummy is indeed safe and fair to play for cash as long as you are playing on a reliable platform that complies with all the standard safety protocols. And guess what? You do not have to go anywhere else to look for a safe gaming experience! Just download the Junglee Rummy app to get started!

Junglee Rummy is a top-notch platform for rummy games online. We are a family of over 30 million users who engage on our site as well as our app on a daily basis. You can enjoy different formats and variations of the game such as free and cash games and tournaments. You also get a host of benefits such as a grand welcome bonus, loyalty program, and guaranteed referral bonuses!

So don’t waste your time having second thoughts! Download the Junglee Rummy app now and enjoy your favorite game anytime, anywhere. Happy gaming!

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