Junglee Slots Online Rummy Promotion by Junglee Rummy


junglee slotsIf you believe in luck then you surely have to try slots. Junglee Rummy, one of the leading online rummy website is bringing in a new promotion that is based on the luck factor.

The online rummy promotion named Junglee Slots is your one time chance to win cash prizes that are up to Rs.25000. The online rummy promotion period is for two days, i.e. it starts today, 26th May 12 AM and will end tomorrow, 27th May 11:59 PM.

In order to get the ticket to the casino of slots and try your luck, you need to make a deposit of only Rs.400. Once you make the deposit start playing cash games normally. The more rummy games you win, the more chances are there to win huge cash on the slots.

At the end of the promotion period, a slot machine will appear on your screen which you have to use to claim your luck!!

Junglee Slots Promotion Prize Details

The 1st Prize winner will receive an amount of Rs.5000.

The other prize details are as given below:
2nd Prize – Rs.3000
3rd Prize – Rs.2500
4th Prize – Rs.2000
5th Prize – Rs.1500
6th Prize – Rs.1000
7th Prize – Rs.500 for 10 Players
8th Prize – Rs.100 for 30 Players
9th Prize – Rs.50 for 40 Players

To know more about Junglee Slots promotions, visit Junglee Rummy promotions page.

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