Online Rummy Strategies: How to Be a Good Rummy Player?


Mastering the game of rummy is not a cakewalk. You need to practice rummy games for long hours and adopt different strategies to achieve a higher level of expertise. However, your sincere eagerness to become an expert rummy player can make it much easier. Here are some of advanced rummy strategies you can use to improve your game and upgrade your status to a seasoned rummy player.

Play at Multiple Tables
Learn how to multitask in online rummy. Play at more than one rummy table at the same time. This will sharpen your decision-making skills and you will gradually learn how to make smart moves within seconds. Once you gain momentum, you win more money within a shorter span of time!

Improvise Your Tactics
Most of the expert players improvise their tactics consistently according to changing situations, which is sometimes impossible to track. So the best way to upgrade your skills is to become unpredictable. Use canny moves and change the way you use Jokers so that you don’t give any tells to your opponents about your strategies. Confuse your opponents by changing your style of playing often as a strategy so that your pattern of tactics becomes unpredictable.

Use Mathematics & Probability
The concepts of mathematics and probability play a big role in rummy. Expert players can calculate the probability of any card being in the closed or open deck, or in the opponent’s hand. They discard a card only when the probability of the opponent’s forming a set or sequence is bleak. Such concepts not only help you become a better rummy player, but also help you become more practical and reasonable in real, everyday life.

Know Your Opponents
Make your base strong in online rummy games – play rummy on a specific gaming site instead of playing on multiple sites. This way you have most of the players at the site become your acquaintances. It is better to play with known opponents instead of trying your luck with a complete stranger. With feats and defeats, you will know their strengths and weaknesses and have better control over the game.

Adopt these advanced rummy strategies and upgrade your level to that of an expert player. Practice more and you will be able to apply them to win more cash in online rummy games.

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