Online Rummy Strategy – Using Mathematics and Probability


Online rummy is complex game of skills where luck or chance plays an infinitesimal role. You can have a greater command over rummy if you polish your skills by using advanced rummy strategies. Out of the many, the most effective rummy strategy is applying the concepts of mathematics and probability to improve your chances of winning.

If you understand the concept of probability, you would be able to read the type of cards held by your opponents in an Indian Rummy game. You will have an upper hand and control the outcome of rummy games.

Two decks of cards are used and 13 cards are dealt to each player in rummy. So, you could use mathematics to determine the probability of having Jokers in the game. For example, if you are playing against one player and get more than 4 Jokers, you could predict that your opponent has none or fewer Jokers. 10 Jokers -2 Printed and 8 Wild Jokers are used in rummy; so, if you have 5 Jokers, you could easily assume that remaining ones are lying in the Closed Deck or a few ones are with your opponents.

Out of the 106 cards, 52 cards are in both red and black colors. So, if you are dealt with many black colored cards – Spades and Clubs, you could assume that your opponent has more of red colored cards. So, do not discard red colored cards during the initial moves; you opponent could use them to make sequences. Similarly, if you are dealt with many even-numbered cards, you could safely assume that your opponent has more of odd-numbered cards. In this way, calculating the probability gives a great insight into your opponents’ cards.

The concept of connecting cards could help you to win more in rummy. You can understand the concept by following this example: if you have a group of cards like 5 and 6 of Spades, you have more chances of forming a sequence with cards like 4 and 7 of Spades. However, if you have a group of 4 and 10 of Hearts, forming a sequence with them is nearly impossible. So, you could discard such group of non-connecting cards that have less chances of forming sequences.

So, use these rummy strategies and improve your chances of winning when playing rummy for cash by applying concepts of mathematics and probability. Upgrade your skills and become an ace rummy player by using advanced rummy tips and tricks!

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