Online Rummy Triggers to Watch Out | Rummy Tactics

Rummy is a game in which skill and bluffing merge together. In order to win in an online rummy game, you always should have a presence of mind. The hints that your opponents can give during the rummy game is priceless since it will help you win the game easily. So the first set of skills you will need in a game of rummy will be concentration and observation.

In an online rummy game, the following triggers can be observed that will help you in winning a hand:

1. Game Speed: When an online rummy game starts, you have certain amount of time to make a move after the cards are dealt. The time varies from site to site. But if you see a player is playing faster than what he normally does, you can imagine that the player might have a nice set of cards. Moreover he will be trying to get the remaining set of cards as soon as possible to declare. In case your cards are bad and the specific player’s turn is well before you, you can use this trigger to drop out of the game. This way you will only lose the points that comes up with the drop, that is, 20 points.

2. Picking and Discarding of Cards: In a game of online rummy, both picked and discarded cards have crucial effects. Always observe which cards your opponent’s picks from the open stack and discards from his. This way, you can just assume the cards and the meld he is trying to create.

3. Taking time in middle of the Game: If you are in an online rummy game with fast moves, picks or discards and suddenly one player becomes slow, it can be a cue that the player is about to declare a winning hand. This will help you be in a safer side by discarding any high point cards like A, J, Q or K.

4. Chat Triggers: In most of the online rummy sites there is a chat option which helps players to interact with each other. While very less players used to interact in a serious cash game, you can know who have bad or good cards by the way they talk to each other.

To summarize, when you play a game of rummy online or offline, you will see that there are plenty of cues to tell how the game is going on. With some intuition and systematic thinking you will have an idea on how the game is going. You can learn more about online rummy, rummy variations and can also get rewarded to play online at

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