Online Rummy Triggers

Online Rummy Triggers to Watch Out For | Rummy Tactics


Rummy is a game in which skill and are both used together. In order to win in an online rummy game, you should have the presence of mind. The hints that your opponents can give during an online rummy game are priceless, since they will help you win the game. So the first set of skills you will need in a game of rummy is concentration and observation.

In an online rummy game, the following triggers can be observed and utilized to make a winning strategy:

1. Game Speed: When an online rummy game starts, you have a certain amount of time to make a move after cards are dealt. The time varies from site to site. But if you see a player is playing faster than normal, you can imagine that the player might have a nice set of cards. He will be trying to get the remaining set of cards as soon as possible. In case your cards are bad and the specific player’s turn is well before you, you can use this trigger to drop out of the game. This way you will only lose the points that come up with the drop i.e. 20 points.

2. Picking and Discarding of Cards: In a game of online rummy, both picked and discarded cards are crucial. Always observe what cards your opponent picks from the open deck and discards from his hand. This way, you can guess his cards and the meld he is trying to create.

3. Taking time in the middle of the Game: If you are in an online rummy game with fast moves, picks or discards and suddenly one player becomes slow, it can be a cue that the player is about to declare a winning hand. This will help you be in a safer side by discarding any high point cards like A, J, Q or K.

To summarize, when you play a game of rummy online or offline, you will see that there are plenty of cues to tell where the game is headed. With some intuition and systematic thinking, you can have an upper hand.

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