Online Rummy vs Physical Rummy

Online rummy has many similarities with its physical counterpart when compared to each other. Both online rummy and physical rummy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, the differences in gameplay and player levels makes one better than another. Below mentioned are the differences and similarities when you play both online and offline rummy:

Random Players:

One of the things that come into mind while playing online rummy is the number and type of players. In online rummy you have a chance to play with both amateur and professional player at once. Whereas, in physical rummy, the chances are that you know the level of the player and how good he can play. This makes physical rummy more predictable than online rummy making it less entertaining than the other.

Rummy Variations:

While playing rummy online, you are getting into a world of opportunities to play different types of rummy. The rummy variations you can find in online rummy are much more than that of physical rummy. This makes a person to learn, engage and enjoy every variation of rummy, be it Indian or from other parts of the world like Gin Rummy, Pool Rummy etc.

Playing Style:

Comparing physical rummy with online rummy, the most time consuming part is the shuffling and dealing of cards. In physical rummy, for that purpose only, a dealer is needed to be selected. But in online rummy, everything is automated and shuffling and dealing of cards will be done in seconds. This makes the game fast, efficient and reduces the chances of any arguments regarding proper shuffling and dealing.

Rewards and Bonuses:

In physical rummy, the only reward you get is the cash that is on the table. But in online rummy, everyday various online rummy websites are bringing promotions, events and special rewards to keep its players engaged. Thereby, in online rummy, you will end up winning more rewards than that of that’s on the table.

Both online rummy and physical rummy are entertaining to play. It depends on your choice which one to opt with deciding factors as given above. If you want to engage in a challenging and entertaining rummy game, try There are always special events and promotions that will get you rewarded on your way to each game’s success.

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