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It Literally Pays to Play with Friends: Join Our “Refer a Friend” Program!


Playing with friends can make any game better. It’s because when we are with friends, any game becomes more enjoyable and livelier.

And when it comes to Rummy, it gets even better. We don’t need to tell you why, right? 

Rummy has always been a game best played in social circles with one’s family and friends. So things shouldn’t be any different when it comes to playing the game online.

Moreover, when you play rummy game with your friends on Junglee Rummy, there’s a bonus waiting for you!

At Junglee Rummy, we believe that friendships are an essential part of players’ journeys. Most often, people start playing a game because their friends have recommended it, or because it has become an integral part of their interaction.

In a world where people don’t often find the time to interact with each other, games have become a tool for connecting people and giving them the opportunity to revive old friendships.


Talking about friendships, let us tell you that if you decide to invite your friends to become a part of your clan here on Junglee Rummy, you stand a chance to win up to 15,000 as a referral bonus by participating in our Refer a Friend Program.

Confused? We have a “Refer a Friend” program on the site that helps you get that cash. When you refer 5 friends to our platform, you stand a chance to win that amount. Simple as that.

The table below should help you get the hang of it:

For inviting 1 Friend Rs. 1,000
For inviting 2 Friends Rs. 2,000
For inviting 5 Friends Rs. 5,000 + Rs. 10,000 Extra!

About the Refer a Friend Program

At Junglee Rummy, we aim to build a player community, a place where people don’t come just to participate in rummy games or just for the fantastic tournaments that we offer but for socializing, too.

We want people to meet, interact and share ideas. As they say, a game is only as good as the players playing it.

We continuously work towards building a platform where relationships between rummy players are fostered and ideas are exchanged.

The “Refer a Friend” program is just one of the ways to encourage our players to bring their friends on-board and enjoy the game just like they would in real life.

So, start inviting your friends today and enjoy gaming on Junglee Rummy, India’s most trusted rummy site.

After all, playing with friends is always double the fun, isn’t it?

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