Permanent Rummy Mates – New Rummy Video Ft. Junglee Rummy


We all love to hang out with our friends. However, most of the time, we are tied up within the boundaries of our family and responsibilities. Everyone needs time to unwind from the stress and pressures of the daily life. People have different ideas to relax refresh and recharge; while some people choose to have a quality lone time, others love to spend time with with their friends.

Permanent Rummy Mates

The renowned Indian YouTuber, ‘Be YouNick’ in association with Junglee Rummy, has created a hilarious viral video named ‘Permanent Rummy Mates’. Of course, Be YouNick has got a unique style in presenting their video stories. If you fancy their video series, ‘Permanent Rummy Mates’ is bound to engage you. Replete with Be YouNick’s witty one-liners, exciting sequences, and the reveal makes the video more enjoyable. The video talks about four friends who find their way out from their families to enjoy their favourite ‘Rummy Night’. Take a look at the video below:

The protagonists of the video, Nick, Tushar, Anna and Anant decide to escape from their family to enjoy a game of rummy. While all of them manage to escape brilliantly, their families find out the intent of the ‘missing’ guys in no time. The reveal of the video is so funny that makes it love your family even more.

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