Pick unwanted card in rummy

Pick Unwanted Cards and Win Cash Rummy Games


If you are new to online rummy, it’s important to know that it is difficult for anybody to win this game without practice. Rummy is a skill game that demands you to have a strong grip on your logical thinking, analytical reasoning, decision making and basic mathematical skills. Along with it, you also need to be well-versed with the rummy rules, tips and tricks and game strategies to improve your chances of winning.

Regardless of whether it’s a beginner or an expert player, everyone uses various strategies and methods to win online rummy games. However, there are a few who modify the existing strategies to trick their opponents. It is quite interesting to see how they can turn the game in their favor with a small trick up their sleeve. 

One such trick that we have recently discovered is picking unwanted cards. No, we are not kidding! Read on to understand this trick in detail below and find out how it can help you win cash rummy games.

What are unwanted cards?

While playing a game of rummy, players have to draw and discard a card from their hand on their turn. Unwanted cards are nothing but the cards that players discard on each of their turns. 

Usually, high value cards such as As, 10s, Js, Qs, and Ks and low value cards such 2s, 3s and 4s are discarded early unless they are required. This is a popular trick adopted by many beginners as well as experienced players. So it is quite natural to see these cards in the discard pile.

When you see multiple high/low cards in the discard pile, you can utilize them against your opponents. Picking unwanted cards can help you get one step closer to winning the game. Here are 3 tricks that demonstrate how to use unwanted cards.

  1. Observe and find out your opponents’ moves

The first thing to do before employing this strategy is to predict your opponents’ moves. You should be careful and proactively observe each opponent throughout the game. Pay special attention to those who seem to be experienced as they tend to confuse other players with their challenging moves.

As soon as you are able to figure out your rivals’ moves, you should start picking unwanted cards from the discard pile. When you pick an unwanted card, you can trick everyone else at the table to get a false idea of the cards you need. This way, one of your opponents may discard a card that you actually require to create a valid combination. 

  1. Do not discard high-value cards

When you start playing rummy games, you are advised to discard high cards at the early stages of the game. High cards such as 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and As carry 10 points each and increase your overall point score if they do not form a part of any combination. 

However, instead of discarding high cards, you can retain them and still win the game. Many players discard high cards early, but get the required card that completes the combination on their third or fourth turn. So it is advisable to wait until the first three turns before you discard high-value cards. 

There are two benefits of following this move. Firstly, your opponent might discard the card you need to create a valid combination. Secondly, you confuse them into believing that you are aware of your game strategy. 

  1. Use low-value cards

Picking low value cards is an excellent trick to confuse your competitors. Usually we are advised to discard low cards such as 2s, 3s, 4s early. So it is quite natural for your competitors to follow this strategy. 

If you do the exact opposite i.e. when you pick low cards from the discard pile, you are tricking your opponents into believing that you have low cards even when you don’t. This might get into their heads and there is a good chance that they will discard a card you need. 

However, before employing this trick into your game, it is important to learn it by heart. This strategy might also work against you, especially when you fail to trick your opponents. 

To sum it up, picking unwanted cards can trick your opponents and make them believe that you have a gameplan ready, even when you don’t! You can use this trick to lure your opponents into discarding the cards that you need to complete a valid combination.

However, we encourage you to master this move before employing it in your next game. Play at our practice tables to brush up on your skills and get a hang of this move before you employ it in cash games and leagues. Download our online rummy app on your mobile phone now and start practicing this move right away! Happy gaming!

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