Play Games a Lot? Here’s Something Nobody Told You!


Gamers almost always receive much slack from people for wasting their time. This is especially true when parents often consider gaming in any form to be a complete waste of time.

However, did you know that gaming has its share of rewards? Here are some main benefits of gaming:

Increases Cognitive Ability

Gaming requires a person’s full attention, thereby improving the mind’s cognitive functions in more ways than one.

Today, even researchers believe that gaming is good for a person’s mental health and, therefore, it’s hardly a waste of time.

Makes you Happy

Being able to complete missions and joining new communities to game online makes you happier. These days, when people seldom have the time to interact with each other, online gaming communities have turned into a platform for interactions between players.

Loneliness kills, and the new age millennial needs something to look up to after a hard day at work. Don’t they?

Stress Buster

Gaming takes your mind off things that can otherwise creep in and get you distracted and even frustrated.

Had a hard day at work? Or a fight with your significant other? These things can easily disturb a person’s mind, and gaming offers an exit from these stressful situations, albeit for a short time. But even then, it helps, doesn’t it?

Gaming is a great way to unwind, and let it go next time if someone tells you that you are wasting your time playing online rummy games or your favorite person shooter.

Just say, “Well, it makes me happy.”

Until next time…

Keep Playing, Keep Winning!

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