How to Play Online Rummy for Dummies?


Rummy is an excellent game if you are looking to have fun and at the same time earn some fortune. The game has become more popular over the last decade with the help of online rummy sites and excellent game variants hosted there. Most online rummy game websites are famous for rewarding the players from the time they join and also host daily promotion which the loyal players can take advantage of. If you are new to online rummy game and want to know how to play rummy, this article is intended to help you in clearing up your doubts.

Pick a Good Rummy Website

No matter whether you are a new or an experienced player, picking up a good rummy website is one of the basic things every player should do. You can read about the website you are trying to play on in various rummy website review sites and take your decision based on that. Alternatively, you can create an account in each of the online rummy game website which may turn out to be wastage of time. Once you are happy on the rewards and features offered by a website, be loyal to that website so that you can earn more as loyalty rewards.

Join Practice Tables

Practice table is one of the easiest ways to decide a platform for you to play as well as to enhance your skills. The more you play on these tables, the better it would be too. Most websites gives an overview on how to play rummy game with their tutorial snippets or videos before you join these tables which will help you to understand the basic rules of the game. Once you start playing on these tables with as many opponents as you can, you can build on your strategy and game plan too.

When to Play Online Rummy for Cash?

Cash rummy is what each player joining online rummy website want to play on although it’s advisable not to do so if you are an amateur player. If you are a new or dummy player without any basic knowledge of rummy, you will lose big money playing cash rummy with pros. A good way to get as much experience of cash rummy is to join freeroll tables which allow you to play with pro players and with new players. Once you are enough confident of your game play and strategy, you can deposit an amount on the online rummy website and start playing.

To sum it up, online rummy is a skill game unlike other card games. The strategy involved in this game is very high and players often lose big if any of their moves goes wrong. It’s recommended to join online rummy websites which offer you practice tables and freerolls the moment you sign up to learn the rules as well as the game play before you start playing for real cash.

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