How to Pay Rummy 500 Like a Pro


The rummy game has been around for centuries. From the royal courts of the bygone era to the new age entertainment of the internet savvy, the game has witnessed dedicated players ever since it came to being.

Play Rummy 500 like a pro

The game has undergone several changes and has a number of versions now. One of its versions is Rummy 500. Also called 500 Rummy, this is a rummy version that demands a different game strategy and good mental skills. Learning and understanding this game may not be so difficult but playing it for real may prove trickier than it seems.

Today you can play rummy 500 online from anywhere in the world. This is an excellent way to get a lot of practice. Learning to play the game like a pro will give you not only confidence but monetary benefits as well. Here are a few pointers that may help you play rummy 500 online like a pro:

Learn the Rules Well

Rules are the essence of any game. Learning the rules of the game thoroughly is a must if you wish to master it like a pro. A lot of online and offline tutorials are available for that. Books and websites dedicated to rummy provide important data related to every aspect of the game. There are different sets of rules for different variations of the game. So keep your mind open to learn the rules and apply them to your game well.

Know Your Cards

Once cards are dealt, see what you have got and start forming possible sets and sequences. Try to figure out how the game will proceed. Keep a close watch on your cards so that you know what to play and how to play. As the 500 rummy online game progresses, you can form and re-form your sets and sequences to adapt to the changing situation.

Watch the Game Closely

Keep a close eye on the game’s progress as well as the moves of your opponents. Try to figure out any pattern in which the other players are making their moves. By charting their ploy, you can remain a step ahead and predict their game plan. A sharp player can often figure out the cards held by the opponents by observing their moves. It will help you in strategizing your own game and gaining a winning edge over your opponents.

Draw and Discard Cards Smartly

Be very careful when you draw or discard cards. Ensure that your opponent does not pick it up and win the match. It is advisable to discard high-value cards in the beginning stage to reduce the number of points your hand has. A professional player will always think ahead and draw and discard cards accordingly.

Make a Mental Note of Every Point

Keep track of your opponents’ points and take a look at the discard pile before discarding a card each time. It will help you avoid serving your opponent a win on a silver platter. Try not to pick cards from a large discard pile if it looks like someone may be going out soon. It may devastate your point calculation. If it’s early in the game, it might be beneficial to pick cards from a large discard pile and build off the points. But then again, it’s a little risky.

Like most traditional card games, rummy 500 requires a lot of attention, intelligence and analytical skills to play like a pro. Dealing with your cards may not be as easy as it would seem. To play like a professional, you have to be canny and observant.

Now that you know a thing about how to play rummy like a pro, enjoy your game!

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