Play Rummy Like a Pro- Here's How?

Play Rummy Like a Pro- Here’s How?


If you are a rummy aficionado but do not have enough experience at the game, It’s best to first get a hang of the game before diving into competitive rummy.

Therefore, it only makes sense to go through rummy tutorials before you enter uncharted waters. The best online rummy sites in India almost always have extensive tutorials on how to best play the game.

To make it easier, we have inbuilt online tutorials, going through which you can understand the game thoroughly with all its nuances. Usually, players underestimate the importance of these tutorials, thinking they are adept at the game.

However, it is always good to play on practice tables before the final match. Let us go through some pointers as to why Rummy Tutorials are important to help you do better at rummy

Interactive Way Of Explanation

Monotony is the enemy of knowledge. The minute learning becomes boring or monotonous, none of us like to continue further. Our Rummy tutorials are weaved together for all Indian Rummy enthusiasts, so meticulously, that no one would bounce off while watching them.

They are curated in a video teaching format, with well-explained graphics and close to real scenarios that you might encounter on cash tables, the tutorials are an efficient way to hone your skills at the rummy card game. Truly, they are a pre-requisite for any learner.

User Friendly Interface

The interface of the tutorials is as user friendly as that of the rummy game. They are designed in such a manner that each of them communicates effectively, its purpose for which it is created.

A beginner inquisitive to learn the various variants of online rummy games can browse through them easily, without any hassle. You can not only understand the game rules but also how it should be played.

The interface is made to make you feel as close to the real game as possible, so that the minute you hop on to cash games, you feel comfortable and well- acquainted.

In-depth Explanations

Wouldn’t it be better to know the nitty-gritty of the game in the tutorial itself, rather than coming to know about them during a real game, and then losing?

The tutorials are well detailed and provide various situations that you might face when you play rummy online. Each video in the tutorials deals with a specific aspect of the game, and every variant (viz. Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Points Rummy) is well taken care of. Similarly, there are videos giving inputs about some important aspects of the game, such as:

How to group, pick or discard cards?

Grouping of your cards is an important part of cash rummy. When you group your cards properly, you reduce any chance of missing to form any sequence or set.

The tutorial explains how to group cards using a group button by dragging and dropping.

Discarding a card once you pick up another card is an important part of the game.

How to finish the game?

Once the sequences are formed as per the rules of the game, you have to end the game by pushing the card into the finished slot after clicking on the ‘finished button’.

How to declare the cards?

A declaration is done once you have formed the possible sequences and sets. This is done first by grouping the cards sequentially with the help of the ‘group button’.

Rummy strategy by experts

This part of the tutorial is where an expert opens up about a few strategies of the game. These are strategies that no “rummy rules” section will have, and hence they form a crucial part of the tutorial. 

Remember, every tutorial takes you one step closer to your dream- play rummy and win money!

There is no amount of practice that is enough in the game of Indian Rummy, and hence practice, practice, and practice until you succeed in becoming a pro.

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