How to Play Rummy Like a Gentleman


Rummy is a gentleman’s game. The game requires a set of skills like patience and observation skills to win. But it is more important to play the game like a gentleman. At Junglee Rummy, we encourage our players to play fair. If you are wondering how to play rummy like a gentleman, here are some tips.

#1 Show Respect to Your Opponents

Show respect to your fellow players

Be it online rummy or traditional rummy, it is essential to maintain the decorum of the game. Especially when the game gets exciting, make sure that you maintain your reputation as a nice, well-mannered person and never offend your opponents. In rummy, you win or lose depending on the level of your skills and to some extent the cards you are dealt. Always remember to show respect to the other players at the table irrespective of the outcome of the game.

#2 Play Rummy Responsibly Like a Gentleman

Play rummy responsibly like a Gentleman

It is crucial to play rummy responsibly. At Junglee Rummy, we always encourage our players to play responsibly. To promote responsible gaming, we have introduced some restrictions including the “Add Cash Limit” feature, which limits the amount of cash you can add to your Junglee Rummy account. However, it is up to you to play responsibly and take rummy as just a recreational game.

#3 Avoid Taking Forever to Play Your Turn

Avoid slow-rolling your turn

As discussed earlier, showing respect to your players while playing rummy is essential. This includes your gaming style. If you want to play like a gentleman, you need to avoid taking a lot of time to play your moves. Slow-rolling in rummy is when you wait for a long time to make a move. Even though we have set a time limit to make a move, make sure that you arrange your cards and learn to make a moves fast as you advance as an expert rummy player.

#4 Use the Chat Feature Like a Gentleman

chat like a gentleman

Rummy is a social game and this is exactly why we have included a chat feature in the game table. If you chat, make sure that you maintain the decorum of the table and refrain from using any insulting or offensive language. Make sure that you do not verbally assault your fellow players as such comments are poor etiquette.

#5 Be a Good Winner and a Better Loser

Be a good winner and a better loser

Rummy, like any other game, is meant to be played and celebrated in its right spirit. Play hard in silence and let your winnings make the noise. Make sure you accept your wins modestly. If you lose, take it easy as no one can take away your skills. So, congratulate your opponents using the chat feature in the next round and be a rummy gentleman!

Next time you play the game with your circle of rummy friends, make sure you play rummy like a Gentleman!

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