Play Rummy to Beat Boredom

Play Rummy to Beat Boredom


Having been locked in our homes for almost a month, we all are running out of content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other online entertainment channels. Binge-watching has actually left us with few options and is leading to boredom. Looking for a new source of entertainment has become an exhausting task. When you’re super bored and feel like you haven’t done anything productive in the day, Rummy seems to be a perfect option to add some meaning and value to your day.

It’s More than Entertainment

If you’re bored of regular action games like Pubg, Call of Duty, etc., then look for lighter game options like Rummy, Teen Patti and Call Break as they help you stay calm and composed. Playing Rummy online is not just entertaining but it also gives you a chance to win real cash. So, now you can stay safe at home and still get your dose of entertainment 24X7.

The rush you feel after winning an online game of Rummy is not just about winning money but also about learning something new every single time. It improves your observational skills and keeps your mind active for a longer period of time. By choosing to play Rummy online you’re entertaining yourself as well as improving your cognitive skills.

Play with Real Players

In most of the action games, there is a fear of playing against the bots, which actually kills the vibe of the game. It doesn’t feel like a great accomplishment even if you defeat all the opponents. But on Junglee Rummy, you have more than 10 million players to play with. It has multiple players online 24X7, which assures that there’s no waiting time and you play against real human players, not bots.

Online Rummy games on Junglee Rummy help you to practice social distancing but still allow you multiple opportunities to play with players from across the country. You can also refer your friends to play Rummy with you on the Junglee Rummy app and win exciting bonuses and rewards.

Skill Building Every Day

Playing a game of Rummy to check your math might sound stupid but it actually works. During the game of Rummy, you will be continuously adding and subtracting numbers to get the perfect sets and sequences or have the minimum points at the end of the game.

You have a limited time to make moves, which actually helps you to develop reflexes as well as sharpen your mind over time. It stimulates quick thinking as the online Rummy format is fast-paced. Players have to quickly assess the odds of winning and take the decision of picking and discarding the right card.

Learn Time Management 

Online Rummy games are time-bound. Thus unlike other games, you don’t have to wait for hours to achieve a target. The limited-time limit renders the game with a unique rush and motivates your brain to match the pace of the game by awakening your all senses. You need to calculate probabilities of different cards and guesstimate your opponents’ cards.

Regularly playing the game of classic Indian Rummy exercises your brain and helps you think quickly within the stipulated time. It keeps you vigilant while making a decision as every single move can increase or reduce your probability of winning or losing the game.

It is certain in this lockdown period; we have reached very close to the threshold of getting bored easily. Keep yourself entertained and mentally active by playing online Rummy cash game. The RNG ensures that every game you play is different from the other and you are dealt a new hand of cards every single time. This is the period when instead of just lying on the bed you can improve your memory, concentration power, and estimation by playing a game or two of Rummy every now and then.

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