Why Playing Online Rummy Games is a Better Idea than Playing Traditional Rummy?


Online rummy games, from the time it was first introduced in the Indian gaming industry has taken both love and criticism. The game is believed to improve your basic skills while you earn real money and the element of real cash was where the criticism followed this top traditional game of India. While most of us prefer anything that is comfortable, from shopping to taking a ride home, internet is the best thing that has ever happened to our generation. So, why should only be a traditional game like rummy be restricted because there is an element of real cash that can only be won if you play well with your skills?

rummy games

There are some major features of online rummy that traditional rummy games can’t offer you. The flexibility to play the game anytime is one such top feature of playing rummy online. Know more about other top features in the pointers below:

24×7 Rummy Games

Playing and enjoying a game on your own comfort is a major feature that online rummy games offer you. As most game enthusiasts are not entirely dependent on the game and work in the morning and play at night, the 24X7 rummy games help them to plan their schedule for the games. Even some of the top online rummy websites host their rummy tournaments on prime time after 20:00 hours to make gaming hours entertaining and adrenaline filled. The other major features of online rummy websites are giving support to their players whenever they need via e-mail, chat or call. Because of these features, players can play their favorite game of 13 cards rummy hassle free whenever they want.

Game Variety and Formats

In traditional rummy games, you will be restricted to playing only a single variant of the game. But if you move your game to an online platform, you will be surprised to know that even your skills were getting restricted by not going online all these time. Most online rummy websites offer multiple variants and formats of the game which include 13 Cards, 21 Cards Marriage, Pool Rummy, Deals and Points Rummy. Learning other variants of the game is a good way to learn new skills and polish the existing skills you have. So, join an online rummy website today and make the most of your top skills.

More Players, More Fun, More Prizes

Online rummy allowed the game enthusiasts to play for more hours with more players than ever. Now most of the online rummy websites have more than 5 lakhs active players who play on both free and cash rummy tables. Playing with more players can improve your skills as well as your social skills which is a proven fact. Other than these, the better you get playing rummy games online, the more you can earn as prize money in terms of cash prizes from tournaments, bonuses and club rewards.

Rummy games as well as other card games both in online and traditional format are great stress busters. If played daily, they can help in memorization and can improve your overall skill levels like observation and in finding answers for certain problems that includes probability.

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