Why Are You Still Playing Rummy Offline?


If any doubter out there is still thinking about playing rummy online, this is your best chance to get into the game! Enter the exciting arena of online rummy and enjoy unlimited fun with lots of real cash.

rummy online

Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the thrill of playing 13 cards rummy online. Still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why you should step up your game and shift from traditional rummy to rummy online.

Unlimited Fun 24×7

You may own a deck of cards but might run out of a rummy partner. But in online rummy, you can always find a seat 24×7! Here at JungleeRummy.com, rummy rooms are open 24×7! All you have to do is register and play unlimited rummy games at any hour you wish.

100% Legal to Win Money

If you are still thinking about the legality, you are an outdated player! Playing rummy with stakes is 100% legal in India. The Honourable Supreme Court of India has approved online rummy as a game of skill and winning cash is not a matter of luck. It requires great skills and strategies to play rummy and win cash.

Real Competition

Playing rummy with your friends can be fun but as you keep playing, things can get predictable. Winning against your friends may not be that exhilarating as compared to beating someone whom you have never met. Take your chance against online rummy players and see you fare against them. Step up for some real competition and take your skills to new heights.

So Many Variations

How many cards are dealt in rummy? If 13 is your answer, you are wrong! There are so many variations with different rules and gameplay that will completely stun you. You can play 10 cards, 13 cards and even 21 rummy games online. Each variation has different levels of excitement and they can be enjoyed only when you play them. Learn more about each variation at Junglee Rummy and enjoy the thrill to play all the rummy variations online!

Make a New Buddy

Not just the competition, you can make new friends in online rummy. You can use the chat feature and chat with players in real time. Relive those old days of online chatting while playing and make new friends from cities in the country.

Aren’t these features tempting enough? You bet they are! So, join the arena of online rummy and enjoy great rummy action! Register now and have unlimited fun!

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