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Player Safety and Security: You asked, We Delivered!


It’s a big bad world out there. Every time someone logs in to the net, they expose themselves to potential risks, such as data theft, spoofing and phishing attempts.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have some form of security infrastructure in place to stop intruders in their tracks and protect user data.

A brand that cares about its users usually has an entire gamut of security features in its arsenal to keep its users absolutely safe and secure. And Junglee Rummy does.

Moreover, Junglee Rummy always goes that extra mile to ensure that anyone logging in to the website feels safe doing so, without any inhibitions whatsoever.

Being one of the most premium rummy platforms and the most trusted rummy site, we give the safety and security of our users the greatest importance and always strive to go that extra mile.

Running Simulations to Prevent Threats


With the advancement in technology, the way data is misused has become more complicated. Therefore, in order to outsmart the threats of data misuse, our engineers and security experts constantly run virtual simulations to create controlled, simulated versions of attacks.

This helps us understand possible threats and design a virtual environment capable of taking on and fending off various threats.

We believe in the concept of offensive defense, which means that we work towards devising strategies to tackle threats actively without ever waiting for a mishap to happen.

This active stance helps our systems protect user data more effectively compared to a defensive stance, where the main aim is to act in a way that is more geared towards acting when the threat takes place.

We, on the other hand, prevent that from ever happening by implementing our offensive defense cyber security strategies.

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State-of-the-Art Encryption

rummy game encryption

Our systems take advantage of the highest level of encryption technology. This prevents any data sniffing and ensures that all data exchange happens within a secure and safe environment.

Encryption prevents any data leakage, safeguards transactional information and helps secure user information.

As a word of caution, a person should only trust websites that have active encryption in place while sharing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, email addresses, bank account details, etc.

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RNG Certification

RNG Certified

RNG (Random Number Generator) is a system used to deal cards absolutely randomly without any human intervention whatsoever. We are RNG-certified, which certifies that cards are dealt absolutely randomly on our platform. 

This prevents any frauds from taking place since it’s an AI-based process that ensures all the cards are dealt at random by the system.

Our RNG-certified platform provides an unbiased gameplay to each and every of our players without them having to worry about anyone gaining the upper hand unfairly .

When it comes to the game, we believe in treating all our players equally. Therefore, the only way to win is to use your skills and a smart strategy.

The factor that helped us win the trust of millions of players is the fact that we respect the privacy and security of our players and never compromise on that come what may.

We constantly strive to bring you the very best in online gaming and there are still miles to go.

Dream big, achieve bigger!

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