How to Tell whether You are Playing with a Bot

How to Tell whether You are Playing with a Bot


Are You Playing with a Bot

Did you know that your opponent in an online multiplayer game could be a bot? Simply put, a bot or a web robot is a computer program that runs automated tasks like playing rummy online in a pah2rticular way as decided by a mastermind hacker. Some people use these bots to make money by winning cash prizes from various online gaming tournaments. As bots never get tired and are not hold back by any emotion, humans can find it difficult to beat them in online game. However, if you can spot a bot, you can use that information to your advantage.

Ways to Identify a Bot

There are some telltale signs that the player you are playing with is a bot. Let’s take a look at those signs.

  • When playing multiplayer card games online, players usually interact with each other through the chat box. If you spot a player who does not interact with other players at all, it can be a sign. A bot usually never replies to any communication. Human players would usually respond to fellow players, especially when they are asked repetitively to prove by responding to the chat box that they are not a bot.
  • If you can spot a player who is playing throughout a day on multiple tables, it could be a bot. In most cases, bots are programmed to play as many games as possible in a day, so that they can earn more money. If a particular player is seen only to change tables, but to play throughout a day, it may be a sign that the player is a bot.
  • A player who plays many different games or different formats or levels or versions of a game could be a bot. A bot can be programmed to play many games or different formats of a particular game, while human players would usually find it tiring to switch between different formats.
  • A bot will usually play all games in the same style. Bots are programmed to play in a game in a particular style, which can be defensive or aggressive. Human players are likely to change their style of playing frequently, so as to make it difficult for their opponents to guess their moves. However, if you spot a player is following the same style continuously in all games that they are playing, chances are that the player is a bot.
  • Watch out for a player who takes the same amount of time between each of his/her move. Most bots are set up to make decisions quickly or with equal time difference between each move. Thus, if you notice such a player, it could be a bot.

If you choose to play online rummy games on an acclaimed gaming website, there would be very little chances of you playing with a bot. This is because trusted gaming websites are usually equipped with stringent security features. However, if you find something skeptical, you should report about it to the website authority.