Points to Remember while Playing High Stakes Rummy Games


Online rummy has reached the peak of its popularity with adrenaline filled gameplay and real cash prizes as rewards. An element of real cash is what making players more attracted to rummy games and therefore players are more interested in high stakes games and tournaments so as to win big in cash prizes.

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As with all other games, only the best and top skilled players can win a big bank by playing high stakes games. There are other set of players who are even reluctant to join these games because of the huge entry fee. If you are new player and want to join high stakes games, you got to have some strategy in your mind so as to win more and lose less. In this article, we will be explaining on how you can be a better player than others just by using some simple rummy strategies.

Know your Limit

When it comes to limiting your game, we meant choosing a perfect table for yourself and also playing with a strategy. While playing rummy games, you don’t have to play all the hands especially when you are dealt with cards that are not playable. On this situation, you can opt for a first drop which will cost you only 20 points compared to a heavy loss with much bigger points.

Observe your cards and if you are confident about the cards, play on but if you think your opponent is about to win and your hand is costing above 40 points, opt for a middle drop. By this way, you can even make a comeback in next games. Also, before joining any high stakes rummy games have a look at the number of opponents who have already joined which will give you an idea on how hard the game can get.

Play for Points

In high stakes rummy games, every point matters. So, even if you are making a first drop, the 20 points can get really heavy on your gameplay. While playing high stakes games, always try to minimize the points from the time the cards are dealt to you. By this way, you can make sure, even if you are losing, you are losing with lesser points and there is a chance for a comeback in next games. Also, keep on counting the points between the game to make it easier to make a decision on whether to make a drop or keep on playing.

Play for Profits, not Loss

High stakes rummy games are high risk games which can make you a good profit as well as loss if not played with strategy. So, if you are trying to make big cash, make sure you are playing the game with high level of concentration and having your strategies in place. Else, you can opt to play on low stake games and once you have reaped the benefits from those tables, try your hands on the cash tables with the cash you have earned.

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