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The Most Popular Rummy Strategies To Win Games


Rummy is arguably the most popular card game in India, with 13-card rummy being the most loved format of the game.

The objective of the game is to form the right groups, called sequences and sets, of cards. One of the sequences has to be a pure sequence. A pure sequence is formed when you put three or more cards of the same suit in a sequence.

A true rummy master manages to win a game even when the odds are stacked against him/her.

Let’s take a look at a few simple yet effective strategies to adopt while playing a game of rummy.

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Arrange Your Cards

The best strategy to win a game of rummy lies in beginning the game in the right way. One thing to keep in mind as soon as the cards are dealt is to arrange your cards in correct groups, at the very beginning. Just knowing how to play rummy isn’t enough, you need to plan your moves well in advance. 

This will give you a clear idea of the cards that you require to win. Rummy is a skill-based game, and unlike the card-based games based on sheer luck, the game doesn’t reward taking a blind approach.

Players who know what’s going on around them from the word go are usually the ones who win in the game. Keeping an eye on the cards your opponents are picking from the open deck and discarding will give you an idea of the sets and sequences they are trying to form.

It will provide you with more time to plan your moves and prevent you from discarding wrong cards.

Discard High-Value Cards

If you have high-value cards that you are unlikely to arrange in sets or sequences easily, it’s an excellent strategy to discard such high cards.

It will ensure that even if you lose, you don’t lose by a lot of points. So, don’t hold on to those high-ranking cards that are of no use to you: ditch them as soon as you can.

Use Jokers Effectively

The Joker is the most versatile card in the game of rummy, so make sure you use it effectively. Your first priority should always be to form a pure sequence, without which you cannot win a game.

However, once you have formed a pure sequence, the Joker is your best friend as it will help you complete your incomplete sequences or sets.

Though you cannot use the Joker to form a pure sequence by replacing any other card, you can always use a wild Joker in its original value to form a pure sequence with the cards of that suit.

So, use that Joker well in the game. True rummy masters are the ones who can use the Joker very effectively.

Mastering rummy takes time and effort. However, tips like the above can go a long way in helping you master the game.

The next time you play rummy, incorporate these strategies into your game, and you will understand their importance.

Until next time… Keep Playing, Keep Winning!

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