Practice Makes Perfect: Here’s How to Become a Rummy Expert

Practice Makes Perfect: Here’s How to Become a Rummy Expert


Follow the advice “A little practice every day adds up to big results” and you will never fail in anything. If you develop the habit of practicing until you achieve perfection, we are sure you will get great success in everything in life, even in your favourite card game rummy.

If we talk about rummy card game, people in India have been playing the game for decades. Initially it was played for leisure but eventually the game became so popular that today real cash rummy apps rule the gaming industry. With the rummy card game available on the internet, everything remains the same but the competition has increased. Now people need more practice to compete with and beat players from across the country.

The concept of playing rummy online for real cash made practice an essential ingredient of success. As there is a need to polish skills regularly to stay in competition, players started playing more often. Players started gaining more and more experience to keep their knowledge of the rummy card game and rummy rules up to date. To gain experience, practice became vital.

Consistency Is the Key to Success

You must agree that practice is essential for success in anything. This is where you increase your knowledge and work on your flaws. Reading books about rummy rules or watching online rummy videos won’t bring you much success. It will clear your concepts and give you an idea of the game rules but until you play a hand as you planned in your head, all your knowledge is in vain. Here we’re giving you a few instances where your theoretical knowledge might not be helpful to decide what you must do. Read on and then move straight to the practice tables to see how well you still play.

Situation #1. Dealing with High Value Cards

“Discard high-value cards at the earliest.”  You must have read or heard that so many times. This could be one of the things that you want to do as soon as you see high cards in your hand. But wait; sort your cards, check if the face cards/high cards form a sequence or a set easily. Imagine how this could save you so much time and effort. You can speed up your winning process pretty much if high cards form a sequence/pure sequence. Also, always check if a high value card is the wild joker. Never put a wild Joker away unknowingly, unless you have too many of them and you find it hard to form a pure sequence. Consider every possibility, which requires great patience and consistent practice.

Situation #2. Drop Immediately if You Have No Jokers

A lot of rummy experts say you must have a Joker/Jokers to win a game. But we want you to analyze a different case. How can the Joker be your only winning card? Just believe in your practice and rummy skills to decide the fate of the game. Practice over and over again to turn the tide in your favour even if you don’t have any Joker in your hand. Learn to bluff and your opponent might even give up out of the fear of losing. There are many examples of skilled rummy players winning without the help of any Joker. Besides, if you get a very good hand, you might not need any Joker.

How Practice leads to Perfection

What we mean to say here is that regular practice makes you more proficient in the game of rummy. It teaches you a lot of tricks and new strategies to win. Practice games improve your confidence and patience levels and help you play effortlessly at the table.


If you’re wondering how and where to practice rummy, we have a perfect solution for you. Download the Junglee Rummy app and choose the “Practice” option. You can practice as many games as you want and play different rummy variants without spending a penny. When you feel confident, play real cash rummy and win real money! Happy gaming!

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