Why Prefer Rummy to Other Traditional Games?


As gaming has become one of the most entertaining things to do on a smartphone or tablet nowadays, there are people who prefer to play traditional Indian games. This is because they are already used to rules of the game and going mobile will only help them to play the game better than ever. Some of the top games that moved to mobile platform are teenpatti, satta matka and rummy. While teenpatti and mobile rummy were well receipted, other games failed to make a mark in the Indian gaming industry.

Although teenpatti is popular among Indian audience due to the short game play and the element of luck, rummy slowly but steadily gained a momentum because of the adrenaline rush it offers. There are multiple reasons you should prefer rummy over other traditional games and some of them are the core reason behind the growth of online and mobile rummy.

Real Money or Cash Rummy Games

One of the main reasons most players join online rummy websites or get Rummy app download is the element of real money. Most rummy websites reward players with welcome bonus and deposit bonus once they register with the website. This rewarding program to new players is almost nil for other games. Other than this, players also get some amount of real cash whenever they invite their friends to play with them.

Multiple Games in One

Rummy games allow a player to try his skills in multiple game formats and variations. This is not possible in most of the other traditional games because of the complex game rules. A mobile rummy user can try out his skills in different formats like freeroll and real cash in variations like Pool, Points, Deals and Tournaments.

Instant Support

Instant player support is what most of the mobile games are missing and thereby losing their player base. But in the case of rummy for mobile, the app gets the similar support players use to enjoy while playing at online rummy websites. This is because most online rummy websites have their on in-house rummy apps with similar features and providing the support is very easy.

With these advantages of rummy, one should easily prefer playing mobile rummy over other traditional or casual games which are only played for entertainment.

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