Why Pros like to Play 21 Cards Rummy?


If you love playing 13 cards rummy, you may have heard about 21 cards rummy too. 21 cards rummy is one of the most exciting games with complex rules yet exciting game play. As it is hard to hold all 21 cards in your hand, it is always recommended you learn how to play online 21 card rummy. Going online has other advantages like getting extra rewards as bonuses and cash back deals and also a bigger opportunity to win bigger cash prizes from main events and tournaments.

If you are a regular 13 cards rummy player, understanding the rules and game play of 21 cards rummy is easy. Other than the basic rules of 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy uses three or more decks of cards and 21 cards are dealt to each player participating in the game. In this game, you can win by making sets or sequences with a minimum of 3 cards in each of the melds.

In 21 cards rummy a player can finish his incomplete melds by adding Joker Cards or Value Cards. There are three value cards named Cut Joker, Upper Joker and Lower Joker. A card is picked after 21 cards are dealt to the player and a wild joker is picked from rest of the cards and it is known as Cut Joker. If you have picked 9♠ as Cut Joker, 10♠ will become Upper Joker and 8♠ will become Lower Joker. Only the cards of the same suit of that of Cut Joker will be considered Upper and Lower Joker.

The pro players love to play 21 card rummy game online because of the concepts like Tunnelas and Dublees. Once the concept is learned well, 21 cards rummy becomes very easy to play. A Tunnela is a set of three cards of the same suit and same rank arranged together. Similarly, a Dublee is a set of two cards of the same suit and same rank. Remember, you can’t use a joker or a wild card in either Tunnela or Dublee but printed jokers arranged together are valid melds.

A player needs to finish at least one objective out of four to finish the game. As a 21 cards rummy player you must focus on completing the following objectives to win the game.

  • 3 Pure Sequences and the rest of the cards in sets or sequences.
  • 3 Tunnelas. You can ignore the rest of the cards.
  • 8 Dublees. You can ignore the rest of the cards.
  • 8 Jokers arranged together. You can ignore the rest of the cards.

With this many rules and complex gameplay, 21 cards rummy can’t be considered as a simple game. As with any other game that involves skills and practice, only the pro players can come out victorious in this format of Indian rummy.

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