Make Pure Sequence & Win Rs.12,000 on Royal Flush Promo Period


pure sequenceDo you know how to play Poker with Rummy? We will tell you and if you succeed in doing so we will reward you also. Royal Flush is your chance to truly showcase your skills and love for the rummy game.

Make a pure sequence of A,K,Q,J,10 and win the game to grab cash prizes worth Rs.12,000. The first 40 players who do this will get Rs.300 each. So, join the tables right now and try your level best to make this pure sequence.

The contest will start on 5th September 00:01 hours and will end on 23:59 hours. The contest is applicable only on Point Rummy games of Rs.80 and above. Please note, in order to complete the challenge you need to make the exact pure sequence without the help of the Joker/wildcard.

When you complete your game with a win and a hand of pure sequence, do remember to mail us your hand id and table id of the game to [email protected]. We will credit your winning amount if we find your game is valid.

A player can claim only one win with pure sequence, so do not send multiple requests to claim your prizes. Also, it is suggested you have a verified mail id and phone number as, if found that you have multiple accounts, can result in a suspended account.

Hope you will win the Royal Flush with some royal rummy skills. Do let us know whether you enjoyed the promotion or not in the comment section below. Also, we welcome your suggestions and feedback on our lobby, user interface and gameplay. Feel free to write about them and mail us on [email protected].

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