Quick and Easy Ways to Learn 21 Cards Rummy


21 Cards rummy otherwise known as the Indian marriage rummy is one of the most exciting variant of the rummy game. Compared to the Indian version of 13 cards rummy, 21 cards rummy uses an extra card deck to play. The game play of 21 cards rummy is both attractive and tricky which adds to the excitement of the game. 21 cards rummy despite being an exciting game was not as popular as the traditional variant of game. This is because, this variant required users to hold all 21 cards in the hand which was pretty much difficult. However with digitisation of rummy, 21 cards rummy can now be played with ease online.

Easy Ways to Win 21 Cards Rummy

It is easy to get a hold of the game even though the game play is bit tricky. You can easily understand the basics of the game. In this article we will be discussing some of the easy ways to learn 21 cards rummy.

Basic Rules of 21 Cards Rummy

Commonly the game is played with 2 to 6 players and 3 decks of cards are used to play this rummy variation. Every player is dealt with 21 cards each and the Joker is selected at random from the remaining cards. The first card from the deck is placed in the table which makes the closed deck. The game play of 21 cards rummy is to pick up cards from the closed deck or the open deck and discard a card.

Jokers play an important role in 21 cards rummy. One Joker selected at random will be the wild card joker or the cut joker. Apart from that there are value cards. The types of value cards include ‘Upper Cut’ which is the card which is one rank above the cut Joker. The ‘Lower Cut’ is the card which is one rank below the cut Joker. Example: If 7 is the Cut Joker, then 8 will be the Upper Cut and 6 will be the lower cut. In cases where printed Joker is the wild card joker, the cut Joker will be assigned to Ace thereby assigning K as Upper Cut and 2 as Lower Cut.

Tunnela & Dublee

In 21 cards rummy, there is the concept of Tunnela and Dublee which makes it different. Tunnela and Dublee are different melds possible in the game. A Tunnela is made when 3 cards of the same rank and same suit are melded together 2♣ 2♣ 2♣. You get a Dublee when 2 cards of the same card and same suit are melded together 9♠ 9♠.

How to Easily win 21 Cards Rummy

The crucial thing is to remember what is the combination of melds in 21 cards rummy. In contrast to the 13 cards rummy, there are many possible melds to declare a hand. Some of the combinations are as follows:

  • Three Pure Sequences and the rest of the cards in sets or sequences
  • Three Tunnelas of different groups.
  • Eight Dublees of different groups.
  • Eight Jokers in a single group.

If you are able to make any of the above mentioned combination of melds, you will be able to win the game. Since you are dealt with 21 cards, it will be not that difficult to get 3 pure sequences in a row. If you have the sequences in hand, the chances are that you will be able to win the game. Tunnelas are comparatively difficult to receive as you should be holding all the 3 cards in the 3 deck of cards. Dublee are relatively easy to meld in this case.

While playing 21 cards rummy, you should always take note of the value cards as these cards has extra points that will penalize you. So you should always try to meld the value cards or discard them if not needed. If you are able to arrange your hand with the value cards, you can have an astonishing win over your opponents.

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