RPL Grand Finale

Read This if You Want to Win ₹50 Lakhs: The RPL Grand Finale Is About to Arrive!


The RPL season 4 is on and this season is more exciting than even all the previous seasons combined.

This season is witnessing massive participation by players from all over India as the tournament offers the highest cash prize ever with a guaranteed prize pool of ₹50 lakhs!

Yes, you heard that right. That’s ₹50 lakhs of cold hard cash for the taking, and you don’t want to miss out on this one.

The qualifiers have been going on for quite some time, and even if you have missed out on quite a few of them, there’s still a way you can get entry to the grand finale without breaking the bank.

The Direct Flight Tournament Entry

If you think that it’s too late to dive into the championship and play rummy online, think again. We are giving you a direct flight entry to the grand finale. All you need to do is enter our direct flight tournament with ₹500, win it, and you are in!

This is our way of extending our thanks to the millions of rummy lovers all over the country, and we want that everyone should get a chance to fight it out and vie for the top prize, i.e., ₹50 lakhs guaranteed prize pool.

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Why Should You Participate Right Now if you Haven’t yet?

The RPL is one of the most coveted rummy tournaments in the country, and only the most devout rummy players with skills to boast about participate in the Rummy Premiere League.

It is a tournament that not only challenges serious rummy players but also rewards them heavily for their time and patience.

So, if you are really passionate about the game and think that your rummy skills are amongst the best of the lot, it’s time to display them to the world and leave a mark by participating in the tournament, which values guts and rewards the daring with glory.

Don’t miss out. The clock’s ticking and you are only days away from being crowned a champion.

So, now is the time to join and get going!

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