Reasons Why Responsible Gaming is a Core Feature of Online Rummy

Reasons Why Responsible Gaming is a Core Feature of Online Rummy


13 card rummy has been played in India since time immemorial. However, the game has gone through many iterations over centuries, and today there are a lot of playing options available to players. The very latest in the series is the online avatar of the game, which has made an appearance in recent years. 

Today a significant number of players have transitioned from the offline version of the game to the online one because it allows them to compete against other experienced players for real cash prizes and other merchandise.

Most of the big-ticket rummy contests and tournaments have cash prizes in the millions, which puts a lot of emphasis on fair practices and transparency. However, one of the essential aspects of something that involves a high level of competition, coupled with considerable rewards in cash is responsible gaming.

Let’s look at how we practice responsible gaming to help safeguard our users’ interests while helping you have fun playing rummy:

No one Below 18

Our policies are pretty straightforward when it comes to who can play our cash games. So, anyone who furnishes the wrong information regarding their age is promptly banned from playing.

Limiting Deposits

In the heat of the moment, players can sometimes end up making multiple deposits; therefore, we have a strict policy in place which puts a cap on how much and how many times a player can deposit within a stipulated period.

It is an essential step because sometimes players end up chasing losses, and putting a cap ensures that players spend time improving their game than trying to chase losses.

Putting Restriction on Certain Territories

We adhere to the rules and regulations as set by the government; therefore, if you are a resident of Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, and Sikkim, you cannot play on our real cash tables.

Secure Infrastructure

We are vigilant when it comes to preventing fraudulent transactions; therefore, we make use of SSL encryption technology to safeguard our payment gateways for seamless online transactions.

Moreover, we have modern technologies to ensure that every game that you play is unbiased, and everyone gets a level playing field.

Responsible gaming is something that we practice religiously, and we also encourage you to make it a part of your gaming life. Remember that at the end of the day, games are meant to be fun and not a way of making money. Therefore, always ensure that you play responsibly whenever you hit the tables.

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