Remembering WRT – The World’s Greatest Rummy Tournament

Everyone who loves to play any form of card game may know how important it is to participate and win in any major event or tournament. These events will not only bring fortunes to the winning player but the respect and fame he can earn by winning is irreplaceable. One such big event was World Rummy Tournament which was held last in 2015 with cash prizes worth Rs.1 Crore. For most players who compete in this rummy tournament, prize money wasn’t the main attraction but the place where it was held.

world rummy tournament

World Rummy Tournament 2015 was held in a 5 star cruise ship named SuperStar Gemini which travelled across exotic locations like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The 4 day event also made sure that each player gets the world-class service with all inclusive packages that included to and fro airline tickets, food and beverages during the stay and other entertainment.

The best thing about WRT 2015 is most players who participated in this event have utilized their skills on rummy tournaments hosted by Junglee Rummy to win their tickets. They participated in multilevel tournaments and some of them even made a re-entry to win their tickets for an epic journey known as World Rummy Tournament.

At World Rummy Tournament, the event that lasted for 4 days, players used to play rummy at night and make their visits to exotic locations in the day. This made them relaxed and energetic after each stressful rounds or games of WRT. The live rummy tournament is much fun than your expect and the players did enjoyed the well planned and scheduled events. There were even meets ups and conversations between players which made the whole event filled with sportsmanship.

The winners took home a grand cash prize pool worth Rs.1 crore along with a trophy and a lot of memories to share and cherish on!

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