RPL 8 Hall of Fame: An Ode to the Champions

RPL 8 Hall of Fame: An Ode to the Champions


The RPL is one of India’s most loved Rummy tournaments and millions of players have been a part of the series since its inception. The RPL 8 which was the eighth instalment of this most awaited series took place from 8th May to 21st May 2020.

Throughout the series’ history there have been winners who have proved their mettle by winning the series to become champions. However, the RPL 8 was one of the biggest in the series considering the fact that it had a massive prize pool of 7.5 crores for players who took part to play rummy on a competitive scale.

Ramesh from Vishakhapatnam was the top winner and took home ₹47,20,944 followed by Srinivasrao and Karthikeyan winning ₹16,99,200 and ₹9,44,472 respectively.

Here’s what made the RPL 8 such a huge success:

  • The RPL 8 had a massive prize pool of ₹7.5 crore which was almost 5X bigger than the RPL The Grand finale 1st prize was ₹47.2 Lakhs.
  • The tournament offered an unbiased opportunity for everyone where even a person starting with just ₹20 could win up to ₹4,700,000.
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities saw a huge increase in participation as compared to previous tournaments.

Being one of India’s most premium series; the RPL is highly anticipated by rummy fans from all over the country because it’s a platform that honors India’s top Rummy players.

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