How to Become a Bluff Master in Rummy


Who said that you can bluff only in poker? You can also bluff in rummy and fool your opponent to drop out of their game. Learn this tricky rummy trick and become the bluff master in rummy!


Bluffing in rummy requires close observation on the way your opponents are playing. Keep a track on the pattern of your opponent’s picks, discards and drops. Once you have understood his or her pattern, you can easily bluff in rummy.

How to Bluff?

Bluffing depends on the type of player you are playing against. Your strategies will vary depending on Tight or Loose opponents. The strategies to bluff against these players are mentioned below:

Tight Rummy Players: These types of players will drop if they don’t have good hands. They will go for first drops and often drop during the middle of the game. It’s very easy to bluff against such players as they drop frequently. Now if you want to bluff, just pick 4 to 5 cards from the Open Deck to fool your opponent that you are about to finish the game. You opponent will think that you have almost made a valid hand and will drop out of the game.

Loose Rummy Players: Such players play every hand they get. They seldom drop and are quite unpredictable. In order to bluff against these players, you need to use out-of-the-box tricks. Here, the chat option comes to use. Whenever you are about to win, message them that you are about to win. Do this twice to convince your opponent that you are a serious player and never lie. Now in the third time, just fool your opponent by saying to win again. He will be convinced and will drop out of the game.

Isn’t that tricky? Use such canny manoeuvres and fool your opponents by bluffing in rummy. Check out our special strategy video and learn more about bluffing in rummy.

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