Rummy Cashback | RockNRoll Weekend


Get ready for a Rock N Roll Weekend at Junglee Rummy! Enjoy a chilling time at the tables and grab more with an awesome rummy cashback bonanza. Get back what you lose with 20% cashback up to Rs.1000!

rummy cashback

This rummy cashback will run for two days from 28th to 29th June at Junglee Rummy. In order to qualify for this rummy cashback promotion, you need to make a minimum deposit of Rs.1000 at Junglee Rummy. You can get 20% cashback up to Rs.1000, if you lose all of your deposit.

This rummy cashback offer is a great way to safeguard your deposit. You don’t need to take any calculated risks and play without worries, as you get back what you lose.

The cashback offer is great for both new players and high rollers. New players usually lose a lot while playing cash rummy games but this cashback offer can get 20% of their money back. Similarly, cash players need not have to worry and play as many cash games as they can get back up to Rs.1000.

One thing you must note that you cannot withdraw during the promotion; if you do so, you will disqualify from the promotion. Also, you need to update your current email id and phone number to avail the cashback.

So, enjoy a great time while playing with Rock N Roll rummy cashback! Safeguard your bankroll and get what you lose with assured returns.

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