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Why Rummy Deserves More of Your Attention


Night out with the friends and you’re playing poker, you look across the table, trying your level best to get a read on your opponent.

You look down on the cards you hold, and you know for sure that there is no possibility you’re going to win with this hand. So you fold and lose out on a bunch of cash.

Only if that were rummy, you would still have a puncher’s chance to win, more prominent than the guy across from you with a seemingly “better” hand.

Rummy rewards skill, not blind luck. Rummy is The game for the smart ones in the room, the ones who can outwit and outclass their opponents at any given moment and turn the tides.

While Rummy runs rampant through the country, turning everyone on the fringes into devoted rummy fanatics; if you’re still the ones on the fence, here are a few reasons why Rummy should be your game of choice:

Skill, not luck

Rummy Skills

Most card games reward the lucky players on the table, the ones that got dealt a supremely powerful hand.

Your chances of winning are already beset by the arrangement and the dealing of the deck. You hold very little power over the outcome of the hand.

Once you’re dealt a “bad” hand, you stand very little chance of winning.

However, with a card game like rummy, you can turn the game around by being vigilant, intelligent with your execution and eventually outsmarting your opponents.

Sure, there is a minor percentage of luck or chance involved with the cards you’re dealt, but in all honesty, your success in the game is majorly dependent on you.

The cards you’re dealt, and their quality rests solely on you. You decide what to drop and what to pick and craft your game-plan accordingly.

Every seasoned Rummy player knows as gospel that paying attention to your opponents’ cards is just as crucial to the game as to your own cards.

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Rummy is legal in India

The primary reason why online Rummy isn’t banned in the country trickles down to this very argument; it merely isn’t gambling.

The game favors the skilled, not the ones who are lucky. You can tip the scales in your favor lightning quick if you possess the skills.

Falling under the category of Skill Games, online Rummy is a legal and viable way to earn some extra cash.


Rummy is Secure

Your friend who whips out their phone and starts to Rummy his way to some quick money? They place their trust in a completely secure website, where the safety of their money and the guarantee of quick withdrawal is guaranteed and promised to the highest degree.

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While there’s a myriad of sites out there looking to pry your cash away from you, Junglee Rummy has long maintained its integrity and security, and has been named as “India’s Most Trusted Rummy Site.”

Extra Money

Make Money Rummy Online

Picture this, you’re shopping online and see brand-new sneakers on sale, but you don’t buy them because you feel it might tip the scales on the negative side if you were to buy them.

However, your friend, on the other hand, they’ve been making some extra cash on the side, and they’d buy themselves a pair right away.

So, the next time they get on Junglee Rummy, ask them to show you the ropes so you as well can make some well-earned cash as you get better at it.

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