Rummy Gyan in Under 60 Seconds: This Video Will Blow Your Mind!


Ever wondered where the game of rummy originated, or how it became so popular? Or that there was a time when only rich people could afford to play the game?

Here are some interesting facts about rummy that will literally blow your mind! 

Origin Shrouded in Mystery 

The exact century or place when rummy originated is still shrouded in mystery. Some say it’s Conquian, some believe it’s Mah-jong from which it originated. But no exact time and place exist. 

Higher Playtime Than All Board and Card Games Combined

Rummy is believed to have been first played as a family game in the 1960’s till 70’s and it’s total playtime was greater than the combined playtime of all the other board and card games of the time.

There are More Than 20 variations of the Game 

The game has more than 20 variations. As the actual number of variations are still unknown, a lot of people also believe that there are more than 100 variations of Rummy.

Did you Know?

“It was believed that in earlier times rummy was played for rum where the losing player bought everyone the next round of drinks.”

A Rich Man’s Game

There was a time when only rich people were able to afford to play rummy because the cards used to be hand painted making them expensive to buy. 

The Greatest Champion

Stuart Errol “Stu” Ungar (1953 –1998) was one of the greatest professional poker, blackjack and gin rummy players ever, who won a local gin tournament at the age of 10. 

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