Rummy is legal in India

Rummy Is Perfectly Legal to Play: 5 Reasons to Play Online Rummy Unworried


In a landmark declaration, the Supreme Court declared online rummy a legal game to play. It also opined that playing rummy for cash is also legal as the game involves the use of mental and cognitive skills in order to win.

This has completely cleared the air of confusion that prevailed for so long resulting in really uncomfortable and miserable situations for the ardent rummy lovers but now they can enjoy 24×7 games online.

All the worries or concerns about the game are unwarranted. If you love playing rummy, you can do so without any worries whatsoever.

  1. The Stance of the Apex Court

Nothing could be more emphatic than a verdict by the Supreme Court. The court observed that rummy is a game of skill where a player uses his mental skills like concentration, logical reasoning and decision making and makes strategic moves in order to win a game.

With very little role of chance, your win is mainly dependent on your analytical and rational skills. Thus, playing for stakes is absolutely legal too as observed by the Supreme Court.

  1. Rummy Websites Are Registered Entities

Since the game is legal, rummy websites offering online 24×7 rummy games are expected to be registered under the pertaining gaming laws. Accordingly, the reputed and trusted rummy sites in the country are registered entities and have obtained licenses to offer and conduct online rummy games.

They are liable to pay income tax just like the registered business entities in any other industry.

  1. The Rummy Federation (TRF)

As a not-for-profit society registered under the Societies Registration Act, the sole purpose of establishing this self-regulatory body was to guide and support the online rummy industry. Also, it aims at safeguarding the interests of the players by providing a safe and healthy environment for playing.

It also represents the interests of the online rummy industry in order to develop a growth-fostering environment for the industry to flourish.

  1. Random Number Generation (RNG) Certification

Another feature that makes online rummy legal is the prevalence of RNG certification. All the trusted, reputed and genuine rummy sites have been certified for their random number generation algorithm.

As a proof, you’ll find this certification displayed on almost all the reputed rummy websites. For you, as a player, it means that the distribution of cards is perfectly random and software-driven, and there is no human interference whatsoever.

Hence, there is no room at all for unfair gameplay or cheating on 24×7 rummy sites.

  1. RBI-Compliant Online Transactions

Since no physical cash transactions are involved, rummy websites follow RBI guidelines for online transactions. The users of rummy sites have to compulsorily fill out the KYC (Know Your Customer) form if they want to play cash games on these sites.

In addition, all user information and online transactions are encrypted to maintain the highest degree of security and safety of user information. There are secure payment gateways to make deposits on certified rummy sites and the sites accept different modes of payment.

So, to conclude, you can play the game of rummy legally without having to worry about anything. Enjoy playing online rummy guilt-free because you know very well what it takes to win in this game of skill.

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