Rummy Premier League Winner

Rummy Is a Man’s Game? How a Woman Broke the Myth


Rummy has always been considered a man’s game. It’s a commonly held notion, which has been ingrained into the psyche of an individual since time immemorial. However, things change.

When we launched the RPL 1, no one expected a woman to emerge as the winner of a game which has so far been dominated by men. However, that’s what happened when a small town girl from Raipur not only made it to the finals but ended up winning the tournament as well.

But, the most shocking part was that Aditi was a newbie who had just entered the world of online rummy. As a matter of fact, before she even decided to participate in the tournament, she had only played the game of rummy offline and didn’t have even the faintest of the idea that such contests were held online.

In a world, where women are often ostracized from participating in male-dominated activities; she had the support of her husband from day 1. This proves that India is indeed changing in the 21st century, where men are wholeheartedly supporting their women to achieve their dreams and not just remain confined to the kitchens.

The RPL 1 has been one of our finest tournaments by far because it was probably the first time we had seen a woman defy the odds and beat hundreds of other seasoned players to emerge as the winner.

Aditi serves as an inspiration for other women to come forward and follow their heart. And her husband serves as the perfect example of what a woman can achieve when her partner decides to stand by her side while she breaks stereotypes.

The huge success of the RPL encouraged us to come up with the second instalment of the franchise ‘Rummy Premier League 2‘ and we are hopeful that more women would be participating in the tournament taking a cue from Aditi.

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