Rummy Strategies | How to Play like a High Roller


Becoming a high roller is not easy! You need play good number of games along with hours of practice to achieve a certain level of expertise. However, if you know some of the ways to play like the experts, your quest to become a good rummy player can be much easier. Here are some of the rummy strategies you can use to play like a high roller:

Multitasking Rummy

Most of the expert online rummy players play on two or more tables at the same time, which requires a lot of skills. Multitasking helps them to win maximum money within a short period. You will be amazed to see how experts play on more than one table. ‘Spectacular’, you may call it, but, you need utmost concentration to analyze all the cards on more than one table.

Discards Section

The key to win in online rummy games is to pay close attention to your opponent’s picks and discards. Expert players use the Discards Section to track all the discarded cards of their immediate opponents. Many players even use pen and paper to note down the discarded cards so that they don’t discard a card that could be used by their opponent.

Know Your Opponents

Most of the cash players know with whom they are playing against at online rummy games. With feats and defeats, expert players know the pattern of their opponents’ moves. Before joining an ongoing game, they watch as a spectator to see the players’ picked cards from the open deck as well as the discarded cards through Discards Section.

Quick and Smart Tactics

All expert players have their own tactics to beat their opponents, which is impossible to track. They constantly improvise the way to play with Jokers and confuse their opponents with their canny maneuvers. Expert players also try to put themselves in their opponents’ shoes and change the card moves so that their opponents are not able to track the pattern of their game.

Mathematics & Probability

Expert players use concepts of mathematics and probability to win in online rummy games. They calculate the probability of occurrence of a card in closed or open deck as there is fixed number of cards in both the decks. If the expert players need a particular card, they calculate the probability of that card by checking the Discards Section and decide whether to wait for that card or discard it to open new possibilities of forming sets or sequences.

Know Your Limits

Winning is not everything. Expert players know when to stop even while winning. They play with restraint and do not cross their boundaries. Even while losing, they know when to stop playing so that they don’t lose all the money. Good players accept defeat when they find out that they are not dealt with good cards. They drop and try again. This is one of the best rummy strategies used in rummy!

Now, you know how high rollers roll in online rummy games. You will definitely like to adopt some of the strategies to become a better player in rummy. Practice these rummy strategies at Junglee Rummy and win lakhs every month!

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