Rummy Strategy #1: How to Confuse your Opponent?


Rummy is a game of strategy and if you are new to this game of cards, it can get really hectic to learn the rules as well as tactics. In online rummy, applying certain rummy strategy can help you gain a win as the opponent won’t be able to read your face. Learning certain rummy strategies can take time, although, if you start playing rummy with a passion to learn more and win more, you can also yield a big win with real cash prizes!


If you want to play online rummy as a way to make some extra real cash, you got to learn from the basics. Join any of the top online rummy website and play on practice tables and freeroll games to polish your skills as well as to get used to the rummy rules. The more you play for free, the better you will get on your rummy strategy and skills. Later on, after a week or two, you can deposit to your rummy account and play on small stakes to know how much you have improved.

Rummy Strategy: Pick an Unwanted Card

One of the major reasons why it’s easier to play traditional Indian rummy is, you know your opponents. In traditional rummy, most of the players we play rummy with are our friends, family members or acquaintances. Therefore, it gets much easier to know your playing style along with the confidence level you show when you are dealt with the cards.

In online rummy, you can tackle these scenarios by playing in a way that your opponent can’t predict about. One way to do is by picking unwanted cards from the open deck so that the opponent starts thinking you are making some sequence/set with that particular card. This can confuse him, make him re-strategize his game plan as well as make him discard some cards that might be useful for you. But make sure you are picking a card that doesn’t hold much points so that even if he declares the game for you, you are losing with fewer points in hand.

You can learn this rummy strategy and much more tactics by visiting our Beginner as well as Advanced Rummy Strategy categories. Got any questions on game play? Post your queries in the comment section and we will get back to you.

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