How to Bluff in Online Rummy

Rummy Strategy: How to Bluff in Online Rummy


Bluffing is one of the most effective tricks in card games. In most of the popular games like poker, teen patti and other, bluffing can help to you win the game even if you are dealt bad cards. But have you ever wondered that bluffing is also possible in rummy! You must be wondering how? As rummy is completely a game of skills! Well, prepare to blow your mind with the latest rummy strategy – learn how to bluff in rummy and steal the pot from your opponents without any difficulty!

Check out the rummy strategy video and learn how to bluff in rummy!


How to Bluff in Online Rummy?

Excited to learn the new rummy strategy? Hold your horses as we show you the perfect way to execute a cunning bluff. But always try only after analysing your opponent’s pattern and try it your own risk!

The first step in use this rummy strategy is to observe how your opponent is playing. If you find out that your opponent is not picking cards from the Open Deck, you can assume that he must be struggling with his hand. At this point, you can use this opportunity and start pick cards from the Open Deck. Once you have picked more than 4-5 cards, you opponent will think that you are about to win the game and probably drop out of the game.

Isn’t that amazing! You just fooled your opponent with this canny rummy strategy! But remember to bluff once in every 5 to 10 rummy games. If you repeat bluffing continuously, your opponent might call your bluff.

Before trying this rummy strategy, it is advisable to try it on the practice tables first and get comfortable with bluffing. Once you master the art of bluffing, use the rummy strategy on cash tables and win money with this canny manoeuvre!

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