Bait Your Opponent in Rummy

Rummy Strategy to Bait & Trick your Opponent


Rummy is a game in which you need skills to play well as well to outplay your opponents. One such skill or rummy strategy while playing online rummy is to trick your opponent in thinking that you have a bad or good hand.  Once your opponent is convinced, you can be sure of him either dropping from the game or play until he discards cards that are useful to you.

How to do work out this rummy strategy on real time games? Check out the rummy strategy below and learn to improve your winning percentage as well as your winning money!

Rummy Strategy to Trick your Opponent

The online rummy strategy we are going to explain here can be applied on any tables irrelevant of free or cash games. Even though, it is advised to drop from the game if you are having a bad hand, these rummy strategies might help you to get that silver lining to grab a victory out of nowhere.

While playing online rummy and after your cards have been dealt, try to meld them as soon as possible. This will give you a clear picture on what all sets or sequences you have to further make. If you are missing a card to form a sequence, you can use the rummy strategy that we are going to explain. For example, just think that you are having trouble in making a sequence from cards, 6, 7 and 9. The card that can finish this pure sequence with 3 cards is 8.

In order to get your hands on 8, you have to trick your opponent in thinking you don’t want cards in that series. You can do it either by discarding 6 or 9 from your hand. After seeing your discarded card, the opponent might think you are not making any set/sequence from this specific series and might just discard 8 which will help you in finishing your pure sequence.

But before you use this rummy strategy on cash rummy tables, make sure you have enough experience to trick your opponent by playing on Practice as well as Freerolls. Read more about this tricks and strategies at Advanced Rummy Strategies page.

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