Rummy Strategy to Deal With a Weak Hand


We all know that rummy is a game of skill, the success of the game depends on how successfully you are able to analyse your competitor’s cards and make a move. If you are able to concentrate on the cards that are being discarded by your competitors you can make a strategic move towards playing your hand in rummy. This is also applicable for the cards that are picked from the open deck, you can easily analyse the competitor hand by the cards that are picked from the open deck.

rummy strategy

It is advised to drop your hand, if you have a weak hand. If you are comparatively new to the game of rummy, you can easily drop your hand. But if you are the one who like the adrenaline rush, you can implement a rummy strategy and make a move to face your opponent with the weak hand.

The Rummy Strategy to Play Weak Hand

Once you are dealt with weak hand there are some things that you can do make your opponent believe that you have a good hand. This is known as bluffing in rummy, this can be a really tricky strategy to implement. The main thing about pulling out a strategy successfully depends on the timing. If you implement the rummy strategy in the right time, you have higher success rate.

Bluffing in rummy depends completely on your capability to observing the cards of your competitors. You need to check the cards that are being picked by the opponents. If the opponent picks many cards from the closed deck, it means that he is not having a good hand. You can bluff at this point of time by picking up the cards from the open deck continuously. Once you pick more cards from the open deck, the opponent will have a feeling that you are about to win the game. This can make him misjudge your hand and pushes him to fold his hand.

It is important that you pull out these type of strategies very rarely as once the opponents find out that you are bluffing you cannot always be successful in that rummy strategy. It is always to maintain discretion while implementing strategies.

Please try out these strategies in the practice tables before you proceed to the cash tables. Once you are confident in pulling out the strategies in the cash tables, you can proceed. Please do let us know your queries on the rummy strategies in the comment section below.

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